BSc (Hons) Product Design

The Course

BSc Product Design is a broad STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programme with a considerable art and design dimension. The course provides you with the necessary knowledge, experience and application of acquired skills to progress to careers, further study or self-employment. The role of the designer is changing and becoming more and more important with designers being combine the role of future planner and innovator. Product Design plays an important role in today's society by shaping better futures for the environment and society itself. Designers today go into other careers such as management because of the broad skills and knowledge they need to acquire and most importantly they are able to use creative problem solving to approach future problems.
The course is co-delivered by the School of Art and Design and the School of Computer Science and Technology. As such you will have hands on experience with materials, 3D CAD, Drawing, coding, robotics and innovation using technology, to name just a few of the broad practical and analytical skills you will learn.


Design Technologist, Product Designer, Production developer and supervisor, Computer Aided Design Technologist, Materials test technologist, Studio technologists


Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung, PhD, BEng, PGCHE
Course Leader / Senior Lecturer in Interactive/Integrated Design
Dr Sylvia Tzvetanova Yung worked as an interaction designer, researcher and educator internationally. She obtained her PhD from the award winning School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Her expertise lies in the integration of design, human factors and technology.
She is the editor for numerous major international design research conferences and workshops.
David Jazani, BEng, PGCE
Senior Lecturer in Building Technologies and Construction
David Jazani obtained his BSc in Architectural Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wis., USA in June 1981. During his years in USA he has also worked in Estate Management and completed additional studies in Fire Safety, Health and Safety and (Fortran) programming.
On return to UK for several years he worked as a consultant until joining Monmouth DC in South Wales as Technical Officer, from there he moved to Architects & Structural Engineers in Newport and Cardiff and for several years worked on non-traditional housing repairs and various design schemes.
In the early 90s he worked for a builders firm as a Contracts/Technical Manager, managing refurbishment contracts and new-build. He eventually returned to LA dealing with Fire Safety, housing stock and preparing reports for Welsh Office.
He became involved in education purely by chance and as a result completed PGCE at University of Wales, from there he became involved with various colleges, eventually ending in Barnfield College in 1999 and University of Bedfordshire in 2006.

Technical staff:

Joseph Davies, Mark Hooper, Anna Kakovka, Laura Hinksman

Visiting Speakers

Bruno Bailey, Vice Magazine
Rebecca Ford, Royal Society of the Arts (RSA)
Nathaniel Giraitis, Smart Design
Karen Newman, Birmingham Open Media (BOM)

To watch the talks go to:

Units of study include:

Year 1:
Introduction to Product Design
Design Representation
Technology and Manufacturing Principles
Materials and Tools

Year 2:
Conceptual Design
Design, and Application of Materials
Design and Human Interfacing 
Technology of Production Cycle
Professional Practice Year (Optional)

Year 3:
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Project Management, Society and Ethics
Final Major Project

Further Information

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