Graphic Design Goes To London


Graphic Design students recently went to London to visit two shows where the Artists and Designers involved showed them round the work.


Our first stop was to see Peter Kennard’s ‘Unofficial War Artist’ at the Imperial War Museum. Peter is one of Britain’s most well known Artists and this show looks over a lifetime of work that has opposed War and Militarism. Peter talked through the work with the students showing the wide range of places his Art had ended up.

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Next stop was over to Shoreditch to check out the YCN HQ, YCN is a creative agency that links students with the industry, the students picked up some free popcorn, checked the books in the reception then headed over the street to Iniva to Syd Shelton’s Rock Against Racism show.

IMG_7527 IMG_7525 IMG_7523 IMG_7522 IMG_7517

Syd was there to talk us through his work which was produced in the hot house atmosphere of the late 70’s punk scene and the youth movement that grew up around it that challenged and beat back the large amount of Fascist and Racist movements that were around at the time. A combination of photos and graphic work for the fanzine ‘Temporary Hoarding’ Syd explained many of the now, arcane print processes that he had to use to produce the designs pre the computer age.


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