DICHOTOMIES…the show continues

NONA MODEL the higgins sheds

BA (hons ) Interior Design students have recently completed their FINAL MAJOR PROJECT – DICHOTOMIES.

degree show 2

The project was based on a live site in Bedford. The Higgins Sheds are a pair of derelict brick buildings, adjoining The Higgins Museum and Art Gallery, Bedford. The students were tasked to research the historical and contemporary contexts of the site, and use this research as reference and inspiration for their Interior Design proposals.

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Susannah Oliver of The Higgins Museum and Art Gallery, attended the degree show, and responded as follows:

“…the work was fantastic and the students I did talk to, brimmed with enthusiasm for their ideas, they had really invested something of themselves into their work. I was so pleased to see how much of the ‘Bedford story’ the students had embraced and the amount of follow-up research and personal investigation they had put into their final projects…”

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Susannah Oliver ( Curator + Education Director ) and Tom Perrett ( Head of The Higgins ) have asked if the students’ DICHOTOMIES – Final Major Project work can be exhibited as a show, at The Higgins Museum and Art Gallery, Bedford, during the summer.

 degree show nona

DICHOTOMIES_ THE SHOW, will be running at The HIggins, Bedford over the summer. Date to be



Course Leader: Dawn Hesketh-Joslin

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