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The ‘Red Square’ fashion show demonstrated the endless possibilities that can be created through simple forms.

On the 31st January 2014 the 2nd Year Fashion design students of the University of Bedfordshire put on their eagerly anticipated ‘Red Square’ Fashion show. This was the students’ first fashion show in Alexon House, which has been the new home to the fashion department since September 2013.
The prodigious show was curated and overseen by the talented second years, which included roles such as sourcing female and male models and putting on a spread to cater for their 100+ guest list fit for London Fashion Week.

This was the perfect opportunity for the students to invite local businesses and industry professionals to showcase their designs in the new building which boasts modern décor fused with archaic pillars and an inordinate amount of space ideal for a catwalk show. Conceptual designers such as Issey Miyake and live performance fashion shows inspired the direction of the show.
This was a short sharp project, which only lasted two weeks. The nature of this project alongside the time constraints gave the students the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities using their creative pattern cutting skills and working rigorously to create a well-designed garment using simple design techniques. The designers showcased their red square designs by producing the garments in front of a live audience. Each design was created using two 100cm square pieces of fabric and the garments were realized through single stitch lines and simple cuts to the fabric.

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Beverley Bothwell

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