Industry Talk: Represent


This morning Advertising & Graphic Design Third Year students had a very illuminating visit from Mike and Tom of Represent, the Graphic Design recruitment consultancy. The session began with an introductory talk in which Mike shared his insights on how to be the ideal candidate for a design job. He took us through his strategies of how best to get your foot through the door and how best to present yourself and your work to get that job of your dreams. This was then followed by a portfolio review session in which students took the guys through their work and received lots of valuable portfolio and presentation feedback.


“It was very helpful to get some constructive feedback on our current portfolios and overall job application techniques. We were given some tips on applying for particular agencies and how we can fine-tune our approach to our intended studios. This was a good reminder of what studios are looking for and why picking the right studio for you, is really important in terms of cultural fit. I really felt this was a good boost for all us students today, knowing that we have the help of Represent and other resources to get our foot in the industry door. I will definitely consider getting in contact with these guys in the near future, concerning the hunt for a position in the industry.”

Stuart Cruickshank, BA Graphic Design

For those students who could not attend the session, information on the ideal candidate can be found here…

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