Industry Guest: Vic Lee


Our first Industry speaker in the new Art and Design school building, Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Vic Lee came in to share with students his diverse career insights and experience. He talked us through the many different agencies & projects he has worked on during his career.


Commissions for special editions – Brompton and Famous Grouse

Vic has developed and established an idiosyncratic visual voice, clients now approach him with a brief to add his vision to their brand, promotion or environment. His projects have included: a bespoke range for Brompton Bikes, special edition Famous Grouse Whisky packaging and a 60metre mural for Hertford Sainsburys. Not forgetting his charity and collaborative art projects, Somerset House murals, a Gerald for Lazerian Dog, Hello Beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness sculpture and recently the TED X Talks in Athens he was invited to illustrate live.



Herford Sainsburys 60 metre wall-wrap


Where it all began – The Londonereas Series

It all started with a series of personal projects called the London areas. Vic began sketching and then screenprinting streets in London just for fun and then realised people loved these and were keen to own copies. This soon became lucrative enough for Vic to take on less commercial design work and focus on developing his own practice.

Vic emphasised the importance of being a great communicator and always be open, positive and friendly to be successful.

An inspiring session followed by almost an hour of Q&As at the end as students interacted with Vic to extract all the advice and information they needed to propel their own careers.

Visit Vic Lee’s website here.

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