Sława Harasymowicz – Dispatches

Sława Harasymowicz, a London based artist and lecturer in the Division of Arts and Design will be opening Dispatches, on Tuesday, 1 November in London.

Sława said: “The show is called Dispatches because it relates to the idea of ‘dispatching’ memory, and information, whether authentic, or ‘assumed’. It is a narrative which offers no explanation. I think it is an interesting opportunity to show art in the middle of a major political institution’s building.”

The exhibition is being held at 12 Star Gallery in Europe House in London, which is the London base of the European Parliament and theEuropean Commission, and is supported by the Polish Cultural Institute, London. It is also part of Cultural Celebrations of Polish Presidency of the EU Council.

The Gallery is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and the exhibition runs until Friday, 11 November.


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