Ben Hodson – The Re Show

Staff member Ben Hodson is taking part in an arts council funded exhibition called “The Re Show”

The Re… Show is a group show of 12 artists. The venue for the show is the ‘Street Dreams’ workshop in High Wycombe. Street Dreams is a charity that equips young people with life skills and provides them with personal development opportunities. The ‘Out of the Dark’ arm of the charity trains and employs disadvantaged youths to overhaul and refresh salvaged furniture and in the process hope that they are able to repair and redefine themselves. The Re… Show’s conceptual concerns are firmly set within the Street Dream ethos.

The artists will be invited to create work which is inspired by renewal or regeneration within their own personal lives. The work will be a reflection into their own lost disengaged moments. It will give the youths a peek into the fact that all of us have these moments in life and have managed to find a way out of the dark. The exhibition will invite the youths to turn the pages of the personal diaries of the artists and hopefully find their struggles reflected in the work. The invited artists come from different backgrounds and cultures and would be good role models for the youths.

The show will reflect the philosophy of the charity by incorporating Constructivist principles of optimistic experimental works of art in different mediums. The exhibition will be characterised by its simplicity and accessibility to the general public. The show will be a 2 week exhibition interceded by talks and workshops involving the artists, local schools and youths involved with the charity.

To view the video from the show go here: The Re Show Video

Photos can be found here:

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