Unusual Suspects by Photography & Video Art Students

Unusual suspects is an exhibition opening at the Hat Factory, created by five students who met on photography course at University of Bedfordshire.

They have come together to bring you their own interpretations of the medium in variety of forms.


Ksenija Kucerova’s works varies between drawings combined with found images, stop motion animation, and photography including landscapes and portraits. Her main interest at the moment is an on-going project “FeMale” based on gender research. Finding the masculine side of women and the feminine side of men, whether in gesture or in pose of the model.

Amelia Jones is an aspiring photographer and artist.Her main ispiration are the people she meets while traveling around England.Her project “Disturbia” aims to capture the drama of movement in a frozen image; her work evolves into an abstract genre.

Richard Branchette mostly works with black and white and constantly experiments with different types of photography. His work presented in this exhibition is a series of performative self-portraits on alcoholism.


Nandor Kiraly’s photographs represent his background originating from street art in areas of Budapest. Most of his images come from traveling around the world. By combining photography and illustration he expresses his own point of view.


Karolina Lebek is a Polish artist and photographer currently based in Luton.

By experimenting with video, collage and printmaking Karolina is exploring and questioning her identity through art. Work shown in this exhibition is a collection of different ongoing projects.


Exhibition will run from 31st May 2011 to the 4th June 2011 with the

private view evening held on the 2nd of June from 6.30pm till 9pm.

Please call Hat Factory to ensure accessibility to the gallery as workshops are sometime held. Tel 01582 878100


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