Spatial Design takes to the stage, again…

Year II Spatial Designers have just completed a collaborative project working alongside students from the Polhill Campus in Bedford.

Following on from last year’s successful ‘Making Performance’ project, Year II Spatial Designers once again teamed up with Year II Contemporary Theatre Practice students/directors ) and Year I Theatre and Professional Practice  students/actors.

This ‘creative team’ worked closely together, to develop challenging performance pieces, staged within creative and dynamic  spatial solutions – the designers were asked to consider the narrative, emotion, lighting, sound, smell, atmosphere, costume and the movement of the actor within the performance space.

Each student had a budget of £40 to make their ‘piece’ for performance, and were encouraged to design abstract interpretations of the performance text using recycled materials where possible.

Spatial Design Lecturer, Dawn Hesketh-Joslin said: “It has been a really challenging project for our second year students once again, but in taking this collaborative journey they have gained invaluable experience and confidence in working within a real team to deliver a real, and very exciting outcome…”


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin – Spatial Design

Garry Layden – Spatial Design

Antje Diedrich – Contemporary Theatre Practice

Philip Mardlin – Contemporary Theatre Practice


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