Second Year Spatial Design Students have just completed a project where they are challenged to take a journey of exploration.

The project firstly requires the students to work in groups, to view and form an analysis of the narrative and visual content of an ‘iconic movie’ such as ‘Delicattessen, Romeo + Juliet or The Third Man.  Each group has to agree on three ‘brand values’ for their chosen movie.

From the three chosen ‘brand values’, for example: fractured, monochromatic, shattered, the students are asked to explore, develop, storyboard, film, add sound and edit their own movie, inspired by the key words they have. The finished movies will be previewed in the lecture theatre in the Campus Centre in May 2011 to an invited audience.

The next stage of this design journey requires the students to each make a creative, explorative, sculptural three dimensional model, inspired by a still abstract image taken from their movie.

The final part of this project, asks the students to produce a piece of two dimensional art/visual, inspired by their model.


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin

Garry Layden

Julia Johnson

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