Branding Environments

Third Year Spatial Design Students begin their academic year with a project aimed to get them ready for their Final Major Project.

This ‘taster’ project is ‘Retail Branded Environments’. The students are given a real life site to visit, survey, analyse and draw-up. The resulting site drawings produced by the students, are then used as a site to develop a design concept within, to be located anywhere in the world.

Each student is given, at random, a product that their ‘retail outlet’ will need to merchandise, display, sell and brand, for example: recycled furnture, fish, wine, cigars, cakes,

The students are encouraged to develop a clear understanding of their specific ‘user group / target market’ and then explore spatial solutions to deliver a creative, amazing, innovative, relevant retail design solution, including full orthographic drawings, model, lighting solutions, moodboards, materials, detail design and brand identity.

The final outcomes were varied, exciting and inspiring……well done to all of you……next stop Final Major Project!!!!!!


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin

Garry Layden

Andy Holt

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