Kiosk in the Mall

First year spatial design students have recently finished their ‘Kiosk in the Mall’ project. The students were asked to research and map the users of The Mall in Luton, using the evidence gained, they then developed and designed a retail kiosk for a specific user group, set within a constrained space of 4x4x4 metres. This is the first project where the students have had to fully use their developing skills, understanding and demographic analysis of a specific user group and their needs, concept design, design development, working through the design process to a final critique presentation – with the production of orthographic drawings, mood-boards and scale model.

The resulting design solutions were varied, innovative and creative – the students clearly showing growing confidence in their design ideas, skills and presentation. Well done everyone!


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin  – Lecturer Spatial Design

Garry Layden – Lecturer Spatial Design

Julia Johnson – Visiting Lecturer

Susan Haroutunian – Visiting Lecturer

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