Silviya Savova – Graphic Design Student

Silviya Savova is a second year Graphic Design student.  This is what she says about herself and her work:

Silviya Savova  was born in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria in 1990. Finished Secondary High School of arts in master classes of Fine Arts and Graphic Design. At the moment she is living in England, near London and she is currently studying her second year of Graphic Design course at The University of Bedfordshire. Her biggest dream is to become famous designer for a magazine or to open a Design Company. Her latest work is being sahown from February 21, 2011 as a part of big exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Russian Institute of Culture. Out of her graphic design interests, Silviya is keen on airbrush art as well as body painting and fashion design. She is planning to graduate and after that to study a Masters at the University of Bedfordshire.

’’For the last two years at the University I have learnt a lot of skills such as letterpress, screen printing, book binding. From my workshops I took the skills of creating amazing calligraphy, doing posters based on grid system and I understood important cultural design contexts. I absolutely love typography and I really enjoyed creating my original typeface named ‘’The oldest’’ .This typeface it is based on ciyrillic alphabet transferred to English alphabet ‘’

Some more examples of her work can be seen below:


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Ben Linfordreply
May 1, 2011 at 3:10 pm

Is the course based at Luton?

May 4, 2011 at 9:42 am
– In reply to: Ben Linford

Yes the Graphic Design course is based in the Park square campus in Luton. Go to for more information.

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