London Calling

Design for Communication students took a recent trip to see a number of exhibitions in London. Starting out West at the Chelsea Space at Chelsea School of Art, we looked at the working processes of Barney Bubbles, the alias for Colin Fulcher who worked extensively for the late 60s counterculture through to the punk and new wave music of the late 70s. The show was an impressive display of the craft skills designers needed before the advent of desktop publishing and included many classic record covers and record company promotional materials. Here’s some pics:

Next up was a visit to the Haunch of Venison gallery in Piccadilly, to see a collection of Punk posters and ephemera from a collection gathered during the era by Mott, alongside classic designs from Jamie Reid and Linder Sterling there was also interesting contextual political material from the struggle between the Fascist and Anti-Fascist movements that fought for the soul of Punk, thankfully the Anti-Fascists movements won out, in part, because of the designed vibrancy of the posters by David King and the fanzine Temporary Hoarding produced by activists in the Rock against Racism movement.

Going across town we ended the day out East taking in two shows, at the Museum of London to see an interesting set of Photomontages that reimagined London dealing with the problems of Climate Change, produced by Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones.

Then into Shoreditch for a visit to the Kemistry Gallery to see the work of Lou Dorfsman, art director for CBS and the designer of the iconic CBS ‘eye’ logo, leaving us only one more place to go–retiring to the pub!

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