Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness by Ben Hodson

Ben Hodson, the technician demonstrator for Art & Design, is exhibiting a recent collection of work titled: “Light in the darkness”.  The series is a smaller selection from a recent solo exhibition and is currently hanging in the corridor space by the media hub in the Luton Park Square campus.

“Light in the darkness.”

This series of work “Light in the Darkness” depict a number of locations and more importantly events where light and dark are captured in tension with each other.  These almost magical moments reveal something extraordinary and demonstrate how something exceptional can happen in any space.

Here I have used over 2 Min exposures, torches, flashguns, assistants and lots of jumping up and down to create these fictional events. The images are carefully assembled from pre-conceived ideas and compositions.  The illumination is intended to give the viewer a slight sense of something mystical, the simple compositions try not to distract from the colours and shadows that are revealed in the long exposures.

The resultant images have almost a spiritual quality.  The fundamental differences between light and dark are most easily understood in our conscious by the age old battle of good and evil.  Most mythologies, good stories, science fiction, religions and deep longings of people come from this fundamental tension.  There is an inherent desire in us for the goodness or the “light” to prevail, which it does.

Some of the images see the introduction of people.  These subjects find themselves in dark places, maybe depression or just surrounded by evil.  The light although untamed and unfamiliar still seems somehow inviting, somehow good.  There is always hope.

The process of painting with light forces me to slow the image creating process down.  This gives me the opportunity to engage with the scene directly and slowly reveal my intentions.  The technical need for me to keep moving to remove the “ghosting” effect of my presence on the exposure results in me madly and randomly moving around.  This part of the work feels more like a performance.

Ben is a founding member of the international artists collective A Thin Place, which is a creative arts and social entrepreneurial non-profit organisation.  It is a place for creativity in community, peacemaking and social change through the arts.

Digital C-Type Kodak Metallic Prints mounted on Dibond 30” x 20”

Locations are in Luton, Bedfordshire.

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