From Here To Modernity…

…Spatial Design visits The Southbank.

As part of the research process for the second year “Making Performance” project, the tutors and students had a number of visits to theatre’s and theatrical performance. One trip was to The Southbank, London, where we were lucky enough to have guided tours around The Royal Festival Hall and The National Theatre.

The Royal Festival Hall ( designed by London County Architects and Leslie Martin, opening in 1951 as part of The Festival of Britain. Recently refurbished by Allies and Morrison Architects ) was a huge treat for us all. We were shown round by Kenelm Robert ( Head of Public Relations ), who has been working on the RFH site for 35 years. His passion and knowledge for this iconic building was really inspirational. We even got to go in the Royal Box and look down into the concert hall !!!

The National Gallery ( designed by Denys Lasdun, opening in 1977 ). Here we had a chance to be guided around and behind the scenes, all three auditoria, stages, scene docks, scenery workshops, dressing rooms etc. We also got to see one of the full size horse puppets ( by handspring puppet company ) from the current award winning production of ‘Warhorse’ which was just fantastic.


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin  – Lecturer Spatial Design

Garry Layden – Lecturer Spatial Design

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