Spatial Design Gets Magnified

Spatial Design Gets Magnified…Experiential Learning

“Experiential Learning” is a project that allows second year Spatial Design students to explore the two and three dimensional visual world, through a creative journey.

The project starts with group work, students have to watch an iconic movie, over and over,  they have to establish three ‘brand values’ – these are in the form of three corresponding words and images, which capture the ‘essence’ of the movie watched. Given the three ‘brand values’, the groups then begin to make a movie of their own, this has to be ‘inspired by’ and ‘informed by’ the carefully selected ‘brand values’. They are asked to design the spatial context, storyboard, film, edit and add sound to their six minute movies. The next stage of the project is to take a still image from ‘their movie’, and make an abstract model of this still image, the students are encouraged to use unusual materials, and to make the model a completely three dimensional spatial form, which can be viewed from any angle in space. The next part of the project journey is to make a visual or painting of the model they have built, the visual has to be at least A2, and also must use interesting and less obvious materials in its execution.

Each student now has a set of 1) brand values/images, 2) a designed new movie, 3) an abstract model and 4) a visual.

The final part of this project is where the students, as a whole group, put on an exhibition of their work, this includes organizing the venue, funding, transport, staging, marketing, publicity, etc. This year the students chose to hold their exhibition “MAGNIFIED” in the Learning Resource Centre at The University of Bedfordshire’s Polhill Campus in Bedford.

Dawn Hesketh-Joslin – Lecturer Spatial Design

Garry Layden – Lecturer Spatial Design

Patrick Hegarty – Visiting Lecturer

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