Spatial Design Explores The Netherlands

Spatial Design Explores the Netherlands

The 2009/10 field trip for Spatial Design students was to The Netherlands. The trip which was attended by first, second and third year students and covered buildings, museums and galleries in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Hilversum, and Rotterdam. The aim of the tour was to allow Spatial Design students to look at both typically traditional Dutch architecture generally, but more specifically to look at modern architecture and interiors.

Some of the buildings visited:

The Hague City Hall – Meier – The Hague

Netherlands Dance Theatre – Koolhaas – The Hague

Hilversum Town Hall – Dudok – Hilversum

Institute of Sound + Vision – Neutelings – Hilversum

Utrecht University – Utrecht

Despite the terrible weather, we were very lucky to have a guided tour around The Schroder House by Gerrit Rietveld, in Utrecht.

Time was also taken to visit The Mauritshuis in Utrecht to see the work of Brueghel, Rembrandt and Vermeer, and also visit The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – this was to give students an insight, understanding and appreciation of the spatial context within the differing styles of work.


Dawn Hesketh-Joslin  – Lecturer Spatial Design

Garry Layden – Lecturer Spatial Design

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