Making Performance

“Making Performance” is a collaborative project between Spatial Design students from the Luton Campus and ‘Contemporary Theatre Practice’ students from the Bedford Polhill Campus. The idea behind the project was for the students to have the opportunity to work and develop creative thinking together – across differing disciplines – allowing for a broader creative experience.

Working in small groups, consisting of two second year Spatial Design students (designers), one second year Contemporary Theatre Practice student ( director ), and five first year Contemporary Theatre Practice students (actors). The groups worked closely together to discuss and share creative thought processes, which enabled the designers to challenge preconceived ideas, explore varying solutions, develop a concept, and agree a design solution. The spatial designers were asked to investigate: the narrative, language, characters, mood, setting, time, movement and influences to allow them to evolve the design solution for the performance space. Consideration had to be given to the structural form, colour, lighting, sound, ambiance, materials, costume, etc when working up design ideas. The design students then (within a very limited budget) had to build their designs. The project finished with two evenings of live performance, where each director and their actors performed
(within the designed environment) a twenty minute piece of devised theatrical performance.

Dawn Hesketh-Joslin – Lecturer Spatial Design
Garry Layden – Lecturer Spatial Design
Antje Diedrich – Lecturer Contemporary Theatre Practice
Nic Fryer – Lecturer Contemporary Theatre Practice
Mike Carter – Lecturer Contemporary Theatre Practice

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