Degree Show 2010

Welcome to ‘We Create Together’ the Art and Design Degree show, 2010 at the University of Bedfordshire, which also coincides with the launch of this website. With this showcase we celebrate the creative work of this year’s cohort of honours graduates.

Encouraging the creative potential of our students is our prime aim over the three years in which the students are with us.

We see ourselves as passionate art and design professionals working with eager students in a community where we can promote high educational values in art and design. Our philosophy is based on the idea that the development of the artist and designer is founded on empowering students to take creative risks and on providing them with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the artist and designer in helping to shape our society today.

The end of course show is always an exciting event and each year, we can see the results of the personal creative journeys that students have taken and the creative ambitions that have been realised. Each year, graduating students exhibiting their work at the end of three years are often surprised at seeing how they have surpassed their own perception of themselves as creative individuals. For us as teachers it is an event we view with pride and as a vindication of our belief in the fact that to achieve this it is very much the product of a community in which we create together and we wish all our graduating students well in their future careers as creative professionals.

You can view our PDF catalogue of the exhibiting students by clicking here

John Stephens
Head of Art and Design

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