Design for Communication visits Poland

Design for Communication students and staff recently enjoyed a snowy field trip to Katowice, Poland. We went participate in a conference called Social Responsibility and Graphic Design organised by the Art Academy of Katowice where course leader Noel Douglas was among the speakers.

Pic: Course Leader Noel Douglas speaking at the conference.

The conference was preceded by the chance for us all to participate in a workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts with Polish poster designer Ramon Kalarus who teaches at the school.

Pic: In the room where the workshop was held the walls were lined with some of the beautiful posters the students at the Academy have produced.

Pic: The students working on their ideas.

Pic: Left, students at work, right, Design for Communication Lecturer Viv gets advice from Ramon.

The conference was an inspiring mix of small and large scale responses to the theme of social responsibility and also included a large show of student work from the school.

Pic: Top left, the conference was held in a beautiful space called The Roundabout Gallery. Top Right, the audience. Bottom Left, the conference also included the deceptively simple yet powerful graphic poster work of Lex Drewinski. Bottom Right: Jonathan Barnbrook giving some good advice in his talk.

Pic: The infamous (and just stolen, found and put back) ‘Work makes free’ entrance to Auschwitz.

Katowice is very near to Auschwitz, so to end the trip we went, in the extremely cold, snowy weather for a very moving and emotional visit to the concentration camps, something that reinforced the importance of taking social responsibility seriously so that we can hopefully avoid things like the camps ever happening again.

Update! Professor Steven McCarthy has written a piece about the conference on the EYE blog here

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